We develop high value technological solutions with an agile and optimized service.

We are BLU: since 2006 we operate in the production of drives for electric motors of various types, developing ad hoc solutions for different market sectors.

We are a company characterized by agility and competence, we respond to the long times of our more structured competitors with a business organization that allows us to solve the most varied needs of our customers with the utmost speed: we do not ask the customer to adapt to our rhythms, but we adapt ourselves by providing a service and unparalleled efficiency.

Our drives and inverters for electric motors are used in the applications of pumps, fans, compressors (in particular for the HVACR sector) as well as for the realization of systems for the exploitation of renewable energies.




The sum of the skills of our team puts us in a position to full- fill every request for customization: we are able to create custom-made drives and inverters that can offer maximum performance and meet every customer need.


When required, we are able to support the customer with a consulting service: we provide the skills, training and experience accumulated over time to develop technological solutions oriented to maximum efficiency.


Longevity is one of the main parameters by which we evaluate our work: this is why we make drives and inverters for electric motors that are made to last and why we maintain active service kits even for older models. This is how we ensure optimal performance even after years of use.


We have set up every detail of our company organization to be able to respond to the requests of each customer quickly, during each step of the project.
We give customers the opportunity to interface with the technical team: this mode allows us to take charge of requests in the time of a phone call, reducing the time of intervention.


The high quality of the technological solutions of the services we offer derives from over 30 years of experience in the market: with the passing of time, we have improved our offer, often anticipating the evolution of the market.




Creation of a structure for the design of drives.


The company consolidates its market of standard products and collaboration for product rebranding.


Anticipating market trends, starts the technical shift from standard products to custom products.


Important customer acquisitions for custom products.


Change in production and sales strategies; greater integration of drives in mechanics and other products giving rise to the development of plug-and-play solutions. creation of small systems that integrate the drive, the motor and the final product.