Pre and post sales assistance for drives and inverters for electric motors

We offer an assistance service for inverters and drives for electric motors, accompanying the customer at every stage of the work.


Our goal is not only to sell drives and inverters for electric motors, but to develop technological solutions that allow our customers to achieve their goals. To do this, we provide over 30 years of experience in technical support and the ability to interpret and respond to the needs of our customers quickly, thanks to an agile and optimized organizational structure.

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One of our support staff will answer all the information you need.
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Keeping up with technological innovation is essential to provide a truly efficient service.
In the past, service necessarily required physical travel to the customer's premises.
Today, technology allows us to perform most routine service procedures remotely, using continuously improving diagnostic tools.
Our service team is made up of the same design engineers who can guarantee in-depth knowledge of the systems.


The pre-purchase phase is very delicate, so we support companies and their technical departments to analyze applications and objectives of new systems; on the basis of what emerges from the preliminary analysis, we use our know-how to advise on the most convenient, efficient and optimized technological solutions.


The agility of our company organization allows us to be present at the first commissioning of the system, until the complete application activation.
We give the customer the opportunity to interact directly with our technical department without going through the chains that characterize the larger companies: we put our resources at the service of the project, we adapt to the rhythms and procedures of the customer and, above all, we respond to every request with rapid timing.
To guarantee this dedication to each company that turns to us, we have chosen to follow only a limited number of clients.