Speed regulators for electric motors

Variable Frequency Drives

Blu manufactures and sells speed regulators for electric motors: standard and custom.
Application sectors: industrial automation market and HVACR market.

PRODUCT RANGE: 0.37 KW -250 KW / Power supply: 100 – 240 – 400 – Vac Single-phase – Three-phase.


  • Asynchronous standard motors
  • Asynchronous vector motors
  • Brushless standard motors
  • Brushless linear motors
  • Reluctance motors
  • Brushless torque motors
  • Sensorless control with asynchronous and synchronous motors
  • Sfe
  • Solar
  • Storage
  • DC motors
  • Starter


  • Simple standard drives
  • Standard drive for high performance applications
  • Motoinverter: decentralized solutions
  • Tailored solutions: for demanding applications

Industry sectors

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Industrial Automation

The range  of electric drives for speed control of AC, DC and brushless motors used in the most modern industrial automation systems.

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HVACR Market

HVACR means “Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration”, and includes all heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling systems.

An AC drive is a device used to control the speed of an electric motor for:

  • Improve process control
  • Reduce energy use and generate energy efficiently
  • Reduce mechanical stress on motor control applications
  • Optimize the operation of various applications that depend on electric motors


Frequency converters can also be used to produce energy from natural and renewable resources such as the sun, wind or tides and to transmit it to the grid or to use it for local consumption.

In hybrid technologies, AC frequency converters are used to combine renewable energy sources and energy reserves to create total energy management solutions.

AC frequency converters are also known under other names such as variable speed drives, adjustable inverters, variable speed drives, frequency converters, inverters and power converters.

Standard and Custom Inverter

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Standard Products

The Standard inverters are compact and designed with the features entered in the individual units. They are quick to install, easy to use and perfect for every application. Optimized for HVAC and light load applications. Optimized control algorithm for asynchronus and PMM motors.

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High Performance Products

The Standard Sophisticated inverters are ideal for the control of every type of motor, for every type of control and for different applications and market, according to the specific requests of the customer. HIGH PERFORMANCE general purpose inverter with newest DSP technology.

Custom Products icon

Custom Products

We produce and sell customized special inverters, dedicated to specific sectors and markets, and manufactured according to the application requirements requested by the customer.

LOW VOLTAGE VARIABLE SPEED DRIVES :   230 – 380-500 – 525 -690 V


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