Snap and go

Inverter + Motor =Snap & Go - Blu

This is the new integrated system for industrial production in the EC FAN application. The winning combination that allows you to SPEED up production, reduce design TIMES, increase MARGINALITY.

Thanks to our experience of over thirty years in Drives, Inverters and Motor Speed Control, we have developed a simple and efficient assembly system.

Based on your needs and your product, we can supply you drives / motor and inverters already assembled and ready to be connected directly to your system. No other processing added.

Snap & Go is very efficient

Specially designed to help simplify manufacturing:

Optimizing time and costs is essential for every company nowadays. Our solution is perfect for these needs, solving all those problems that are upstream of your real product and that distract you from taking care of the essential part of production.

  Get Blu snap & go

  You plug it to your product

  Ready for delivery!

What are the benefits for your company with Snap & GO by Blu?

This eliminates the search times for electric drives and motors

Save production time and problems.

More production, cuts assembly times.

Increase profit margins and profits.

Snap and go

How easy is that?

Getting the perfect Snap & Go assembly for your needs is really easy.


Leave us your contact details and we will take care of calling you to get the little information you need and send you an offer in a very short time.


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Snap and Go

Still doubts?

If you think significant savings cannot be achieved, let me tell you this:

  • We have over thirty years of experience in designing and manufacturing drives, motors and innovative solutions.   We have worked in many sectors that allow us to be able to correctly size the components of motor  contol  systems.
  • We know your product and your needs, we know the correct size of drive and motor.
  • We have experience and skills.

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