SPS IPC Drives 2014 08|09|2014

SPS IPC Drives 2014. 25-27 November 2014 - Nuremberg, Germany 
Electric Automation - Systems and Components

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HVACR: Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning Refrigeration Market

HVACR is an acronym that means "Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration" therefore includes all the systems of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration.

Applications in the field of General Automation: MOTION CONTROL

With the term MOTION CONTROL we define the set of electrical drives for speed control of AC, DC and brushless motors, used in the most advanced industrial automation systems.


Everyday, the world produces carbon dioxide that is released to the earth’s atmosphere and which will still be there in one hundred years time. This amount of Carbon Dioxide increases the warmth of our planet and is the main cause of the so called “Global Warming Effect”. A valid solution to this problem is the so-called ALTERNATIVE ENERGY.


Technical solutions for CUSTOMIZED PRODUCTS, according to the client's individual needs. Possible fields of application of our products are Central Vacuum Systems, Motorized Driven Roller and Conveyor Belt, Treadmill and Core Drill.


In the field of CATERING and HOSPITALITY, we produce components for the realization of professional machines such as: Ovens Gourmet, Pizza Ovens, Ovens for bread, Slicers, Coffee Makers, Machinery for Ice Cream, Blast Chiller.


ENERGY SAVING is the goal to reduce the amount of energy required to provide products and services. There are many motivations to improve energy efficiency. Reducing energy use reduces energy costs and may result in a financial cost saving to consumers if the energy savings offset any additional costs of implementing an energy efficient technology. 

Elettronica FM

ELETTRONICA FM is the main partner of BLU, as regards the production and the engineering of the products. Activities are developed according to specific agreements negotiated with customers, including the following services: planning, sampling and certification, engineering and quality process and product, production, logistics.